The "Acoustic Guitar Highlights" sampler is now gong into its next edition! ACOUSTIC MUSIC has set a good tradition of presenting the most interesting new releases on this compilation CD. For the curious listener, this is a perfect opportunity to get to know new artists. When you have found your favorite, it is easy to just order the artist's latest CD. The fact that the highlight sampler also does a great job documenting the liveliness of the acoustic guitar scene is something one readily accepts. The retail price is a friendly EUR 5,90. The perfect chance to get to know the program of ACOUSTIC MUSIC RECORDS. Acoustic Guitar Highlights Vol. 6 is an exciting, rich portrait of ACOUSTIC MUSIC productions over the past few months and an important documentation of a blossoming international scene. (

Acoustic Guitar Highlights Vol. 6: Various Artists
Michel Haumont, David Sick, Vicki Genfan, Stefano Mirandola, Detlef Bunk, Ralf Siedhoff, Helm & Heik, Alexander Kilian, Neil Stacey, Giovanni Palombo, Aki & Kuniko, Willie Salomon

2010 Acoustic Music - CD

1) Adirondacks by Michel Haumont
2) Industrial Blues by David Sick
3) New Grass by Vicky Genfan
4) Aliante by Stefano Mirandola
5) Two Stones by Detlef Bunk
6) Happiness and Tears by Ralf Siedhoff
7) Magnum P.I. by Helm and Heik
8) Reflections by Alexander Kilian
9) Cantaloupe Island by Neil Stacey
10) Le parole sono altrove by Giovanni Palombo
11) Forest In Love by Aki, Kuniko
12)I'm Going to Sit Down On the Banks of the River by Willie Salomon


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Un libro sull’improvvisazione per chitarra fingerstyle è raro. L’argomento può interessare chiunque suoni lo strumento con le dita, quindi chitarristi acustici e classici, ma anche fingerstyler della chitarra elettrica. Gli studi presentati prendono spunto dal jazz moderno, dal blues, dalla chitarra classica e dalla world music: una miscela che rende la chitarra moderna universale e versatile, legata ai linguaggi ma potenzialmente aperta a tutte le possibili direzioni. Leggi

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